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Infant + Child Safety Class Hosted by Janelle Turk - The Mama Coach

Infant + Child Safety Class Hosted by Janelle Turk - The Mama Coach

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Each participant must register independently


Wednesday, April 10 from 6:30 to 7:45

Join Janelle for this 1 hour workshop where you will learn the life saving skills to perform CPR & Choking rescue.

This class will teach you how to perform CPR on infants, children & adults. You will learn what to do in an emergency involving choking, respiratory or cardiac events.

You will also learn how to use an AED, which can dramatically change the outcome of a cardiac event.

This class is a workshop only, it is NOT a certification class. If you require certification, please contact Janelle directly to set up.

After class you will receive an ebook to summarize everything covered in class

Meet Janelle Turk, RN

Hey there! I’m Janelle The Mama Coach.

I have been a Registered Nurse since 2006, spending the majority of that time in a rural setting. I started on my journey with The Mama Coach in 2018, as I was looking for a way to fill the gap for the needs of parents with little ones.

As a Mama Coach I use my Registered Nursing skills to provide individualized assessments, planning & support to all of my clients and their families. I have four children of my own, and found that each one of my babies brought a new and unique experience, highlighting that no two babies are alike!

My goal is to use evidence based- information to provide education, planning and support for parents, no matter where they are at in their parenting journey. A huge part of what I do is not only education, but to empower parents by using empathy and creating a judgement free environment for them to thrive. Let’s work together to make parenthood easier!

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