Collection: EVENFLO - 1 Piece of Gear Ships for $125 2 or More Pieces of Gear Ship for $250

We are now proudly and, oh my gosh, unbelievably, Saskatchewan's only independent + locally owned shop to carry the full Evenflo Suite of Car Seats + Strollers. 

Our initial rollout will be online AND we will be featuring Black Friday Pricing that MATCHES the big box stores. 

What does that mean?

It means that you get to support your local community even further by saving the same amount! 

We are so excited to brag that along with carrying the Evenflo brand, ALL of the products Reclaim will carry from Evenflo will be backed by the Parentlink Resource Centre. 

The PRC allows you to access safety information, manuals, replacement parts, AND (our absolute fav) video installation appointments with a certified carseat technician - no waiting in a cold parking lot while your baby screams - buy it, book it, baby it!