Janel Edwards - Woman with glasses in a suit and jeans.  Hands are in the back pockets. Owner + Founder

We learned that we were pregnant in January, expecting twins in February, and by March, I was taking off of work due to the pandemic - by the end of the month, I was basically living in quarantine. The only people I saw were my husband, my team of doctors, and my family - most of the time through facetime or a window. At the end of my first trimester, we began attending our appointments at the Jim Pattison Children's Hospital as our twins were very high risk. Around week 20, we were told to prepare ourselves to be ready to fly to Toronto for a special type of inutero surgery that might be required to save one of our babies. Luckily, we got to stay here is Saskatoon, but we were then met with another set of challenges - one of our little babes wasn't growing as fast as he should. We started getting ultrasounds every couple of days and were prepared to deliver our twins every time we stepped into that hospital. At 32 weeks and 1 day, our babies needed to be earthside. Born via c-section by an amazing team of maternal fetal medicine surgeons, our little guys made it! The babes, Nico + Holden, spent a total of 77 days combined in the NICU. They are just about 2 years old and they are happy, healthy, and testing the patience of mom + dad daily.

Janel Edwards Grew up in Saskatoon and has spent most of her life here. She moved to Toronto for college and earned a diploma in Entertainment Business Management. After exploring the world of live entertainment and working for various record labels and tours including Glee LIVE on Tour, The Tragically Hip, The Sam Roberts Band, and Edgefest, she decided to plant her roots back home. Since moving back home, Janel has completed another educational diploma in the field of Youth Mental Health. She has used this education to build strong connections within different agencies in the city allowing her to work with a multitude of people with different backgrounds, needs, and various levels of access to services.

Janel is married to the love of her life + forever bestie, Skylar, an Electronics Engineer Technologist with an app development side hustle. They love a cozy night in, traveling, and hanging out with their babes!

Vanessa Cunningham - Pregnant woman posing for a picture on stairs Bump + Baby Beautifier

Vanessa grew up in a little town north east of Saskatoon and moved to the city in her early twenties. A lover of all things spooky and music, she fell in love with a record collecting, concert going boy and the rest is history! She worked as the manager of the cosmetic boutique at Shopper's Drugmart for 14 years, and decided that after becoming a parent, she wanted a change of pace. Janel was more than happy to bring her on board. Along with her ear-to-ear smile and infectious laugh, Vanessa bring with her, years of merchandising + purchasing experience.

Vanessa is a mom to an energetic little boy named Coen who celebrates his birthday the day after Janel's twins!

Gabrielle Patenaude - Woman lying on bed Inventory Wizard

Gabrielle, or Aunty Gabs as she is known around the stock room, spent her early years in Saskatoon and rounded out her high school experience in Warman. She has spent a great deal of time in retail and fashion, and is an absolute pillar of our company. Graduating from the Graphic Design Progam @ NAIT during the pandemic, and owning her own clothing line, makes her the perfect fit to run the backend of our website + inventory department.

Gabrielle lives in Warman with her partner where they are saving up to buy their forever home <3

Nicole Hitchman - Pregnant woman in field

PR + Social Media Manager

Born in the Philippines, graduated high school at the tender age of 14, immigrated to Canada, and started a beautiful life, we welcomed Nicole with open arms! She started the company Mars & Violet (later acquired by Reclaim), a functional + stylish ethically produced and curated shop for baby accessories. After decided to step back from the world of commerce + social media influencing, Janel scooped up Nicole for the role of PR + Social Media Manager faster than a toddler with a piece of garbage in their mouth can run.

Nicole is married to the sweetest human and they are raising their baby, Violet in Saskatoon, with much of their family close by.

Cheryl McAvoy - Woman posing for picture Merchandising + Parent Connections

A self proclaimed "crunchy mom", Cheryl is the ultimate calming presence. She brings to the team her years of experience in the social services field working with young moms and their babes along with her own experience having two little ones of her own. Cheryl is the type of human who makes others feel safe, heard, and important.

Bella Singh - Woman in dress with a glass building backdrop Junior Merchandising + Organizing

As a recent high school graduate and newcomer to Canada, Bella is one of the hardest working teenagers we've ever met. She came highly recommended as a nanny to Janel's twins, but ended up being the perfect fit at the shop! Aside from being BFF's with Nicole, Bella has quickly wiggled her way into all of our hearts; smiling through all of her shifts and always ending the day with "there were so many cute babies - we are so lucky!" <3