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YOOFOREA - Silicone Coated Glass Baby Bottle Nursing

YOOFOREA - Silicone Coated Glass Baby Bottle Nursing

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Silicone Coated Glass Baby Bottle, available in 4 different colors (Cream, Fog, Honey, and Tea), in 3 different sizes (90ML/3 0Z, 150ML/5 OZ, 270 ML/9 OZ) 

Borosilicate Glass * Soft Touch Advanced Platinum Silicone Coating * Lightweight * Unbreakable * Few Parts * Easy to Clean * Curvy shape -- For easy grip * Wide neck * Flexible Teats * Venting system * Heats and cools milk quickly * Designed to preserve breastmilk nutrients * Features helping reduce gas + colic.

Why Borosilicate Glass?  We opted for Borosilicate Glass because it is perfectly crafted free from harmful chemicals and resistant to leaching, odors, and staining.

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