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YOOFOREA - Baby Platinum Silicone Suction Bowls (2 Pack)

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Baby Platinum Silicone Suction Bowls, available in different colors, in a set with the silicone spoon, in a set with 2 bowls or by itself.

🌿  Self Feeding Can Be Mess Free - When you start introducing solid foods to your baby, whether it's purée or cereal, the 5.3 cm high wall designed to curve inward helps your little one guide food onto their spoon, providing a convenient and hassle-free way to let your growing babies practice self feeding without worrying about the post meal mess.

🌿  Super Strong Suction - A uniquely designed extra strong suction base keeps the dishes stay put. You don’t need to worry about the bowls getting lifted / pulled / thrown away by your little muncher anymore.