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Me, You, and the NICU - Soft Cover

Me, You, and the NICU - Soft Cover

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Me, You, and the NICU

When a child starts life in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit), they look so little, so vulnerable. But with mom and medical professionals close by, soon fewer and fewer machines are beeping away. Before long, mother and child get to go home and start their life together outside of the hospital.

No one expects their child to end up in the NICU, and when they do it can be an isolating experience. This experience, still, gives them unexpected time together, in the quiet. This book celebrates those tender moments, acknowledging the fear while also embracing the beauty of every child who’s born into the world. It is a book of hopeful reflection, sharing the details of the NICU experience.


About the Author

Paige Bautz is a teacher and a single mother who lives in Saskatchewan with her daughter, Presley, and their dog, Arlo. Paige Bautz has a Business Administrative Certificate as well as a Bachelor of Education. Presley is a disabled and neurodivergent child who is kind, hilarious and adorable. Since the first diagnosis, Bautz has become an advocate for and ally with persons with disabilities and neurodivergent individuals. Bautz is a patient family partner with the Neonatal Quality Council of Saskatchewan and volunteer with the SHA. Bautz enjoys spending time at her family farm, yoga, music, and quality time with friends. Bautz is naturally artistic, Bautz loves to sing, and has won many vocal awards throughout her life.

Bautz was inspired to write this book by her daughter, Presley, who was a preemie. Presley was born 7 weeks premature. She was 4lbs 6oz at birth. Presley stayed in the NICU at Saskatoon’s Royal University Hospital for 7 weeks in 2019.

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