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KeaBabies - KeaBabies Warmzy Baby Carseat Canopy (Kite)

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Warm and Cozy With Warmzy Carseat Canopy

Highly-Rated and Loved By Modern Parents

With the change in seasons, your baby can see and learn the different characteristics in their environment. Exploring outdoor fun with your baby during cold seasons is made possible with KeaBabies Warmzy Carseat Canopy. Keep your baby warm and cozy while they experience their first spring, autumn, and winter. Stylish and Versatile Carry your baby in their baby car seat around with style and confidence.


Avoid the hassle of putting on and removing the car seat cover with KeaBabies Warmzy Carseat Canopy. Simply open the zipped window to allow airflow while in the car. Safe and Private The Warmzy Carseat Canopy provides your baby with 360-degree privacy, allowing them to rest and slumber in peace. Size: 22” (W) by 25” (H). Fits up to: 26” (W) by 30” (H)