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Hot Paws- 4-6 Yrs Kids' Winter Mitten with Reflective Stripe

Hot Paws- 4-6 Yrs Kids' Winter Mitten with Reflective Stripe

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Snowy Collection- These kids' mittens keep up with your little one's outdoor energy! They're designed with a reflective strip to keep your child visible when the sun sets. Pair these winter mittens Hot Paws adjustable mitt clip cord to keep them where they're needed all season long. 


Hypravel™ lining

 Provides a layer of warmth and comfort.


Insolast™ insulation

 Locks in heat.



 Provides visibility in low-light and night time conditions.



Shell: 90% Polyester; 5% Polyvinyl chloride; 5% Polyurethane 

Lining: 100% Polyester

Insulation: 80% Polyester fibres, 20% Polyurethane foam 


1. Insolast™

Non-bulky high quality insulation for extra warmth without the weight.

2. Fiberflo®

High loft micro insulation traps and retains body heat.

3. Hypravel™

Brushed fibres provide a warm, comfortable and soft feeling lining.

Product Care

Wash in domestic or commercial machine in water not exceeding 40°C, at delicate/gentle setting.Tumble dry at a low heat (not exceeding 55°C) at delicate cycle.

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