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Gloop! 2.0 Tog Sleep Sac Boho

Gloop! 2.0 Tog Sleep Sac Boho

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The coziest sleep sac we've ever found!

Reclaim brought this fabulous little sack in last year and yall went crazy for it - it's warm, cozy, cute AND you can use it as a play mat when your babe isn't using it to drift off to sleep.

Washer + Dryer Friendly


0-3 Months - Fits Like 0-3 Months

Size: 60x40cm | tog 2.0

0-6 Months - Fits Like 3-9 Months

Size: 80x40cm | tog 2.0

6-24 Months - Fits Like 6-24 Months

Size: 100x45cm | tog 2.0


Made in Portugal


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